Mail Order Prescriptions

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Mail order or home delivery is a great standalone solution or as a complement to on-site dispensing. Offering mail order for your patients is an easy way to improve patient satisfaction and medication adherence while also generating additional revenue for your practice. It also allows you to offer a wider formulary without the inventory requirements of on-site dispensing.

Benefits of Mail Order Prescriptions

  • Wide Formulary – Mail order allows you to offer a wider formulary than traditional on-site dispensing without increasing inventory costs.

  • Patient Convenience – Patients can receive their prescriptions without having to go to the pharmacy. You can send the prescription to the patient’s home or send it to your practice to be picked up later. Improve patient compliance by including refills for chronic disease medications.

  • Generate Additional Revenue – Similar to on-site dispensing, you have flexibility to set prices for the medications to cover your cost and generate additional revenue while still providing a cost-effective option for your patients.

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Mail order or home delivery can be offered by virtually any provider with prescriptive authority, which means it can be an ideal complementary service for practices offering telehealth or membership programs (e.g. concierge medicine), as well as more traditional practices.

Pharmaink’s mail order program is easy to set up and operate successfully with no additional staff needed. With PharmaLink, the process is fast, easy, automated and compliant. Once you contact us to begin the process, your office can be up and running in as little as 72 hours if all requirements are met.

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