Prescription medications are the most widely used form of treatment after a diagnosis. PharmaLink’s Workers’ Compensation dispensing program improves the patient experience and optimizes patient outcomes (by minimizing barriers to receive care) while offering an additional revenue stream for your practice.

Benefits of Workers’ Comp Medication Dispensing

  • For the Patient:
      • Barrier free access to appropriate medications – no travel or waiting in lines at pharmacies
      • Increased understanding of medication therapy and compliance
      • Convenience
      • Improved outcomes
  • For the Employer:
      • Quicker return to work
      • Increased compliance, helping to avoid OSHA 300 reportable events by using OTCs
      • Improved patient outcomes
  • For the Practice:
      • Monitor patient compliance
      • Increased practice profit
      • Increased patient understanding and satisfaction
      • Improved patient outcomes
  • For the Carrier
      • Utilization of a generic formulary and OTCs
      • Single bill for case worker
      • Improved patient outcomes
Why Dispense with PharmaLink?
  • PharmaLink provides a turnkey workers’ comp dispensing solution that can be offered as a standalone service or in conjunction with our Cash & Carry solution.
  • Dispense medications with our easy-to-use web-based software and the system will prompt you for all required information. We bill the claims for you and issue payment to you in 30-60 days, net of a small billing fee.

  • Medication reimbursements are set on a state level and are typically based on AWP. We have full visibility into reimbursement rates and can help you set a formulary of your most common and most profitable medications.

Fraud and Abuse in Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation reimbursement changes have incentivized a handful of unethical companies to launch programs and products with little to no therapeutic value. These products are designed to produce large reimbursements, costing the system millions of dollars, leading to reimbursement cuts and restrictions on workers’ comp medication dispensing in some states.

PharmaLink has never allowed these products to be dispensed through our system and we continue to achieve positive results with our customers as a result. Our billing solution has industry-leading acceptance rates from payors.

PharmaLink’s workers’ compensation dispensing solution is the perfect complement to your existing practice by providing additional revenue and improving patient satisfaction.

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