Texas Physician Dispensing Laws & Regulations

Note: PharmaLink has compiled the information below for reference only. State dispensing regulations change frequently and we recommend consulting an attorney or your state medical or pharmacy board with specific questions or to verify your eligibility to dispense.

Physician dispensing is not allowed in Texas aside from a handful of exceptions, such as rural clinics. It is often debated whether Texas should allow physician dispensing, and you can see some of the arguments on both sides in this article on the Texas Medical Association website.

Most states have exceptions for physicians in rural locations or in specific situations, and many states also allow physicians to carry items administered in the physician’s office (e.g. injections). If you think you may fit into one of the exceptions in Texas, please contact us today and a representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

In non-dispensing states, PharmaLink is able to offer mail-order medications as well as a digital card that physicians can provide to patients to allow them to pay for the medication at the physician’s office and not have any cash outlay at the pharmacy. If you’re interested in either of these solutions, please reach out to our team for more info.

Please also check out PharmaLink’s Inventory Management solution, which is available even where dispensing is not allowed.

PharmaLink also offers Mail Order Solutions for providers with prescriptive authority. This solution can be utilized as a standalone solution or alongside PharmaLink’s dispensing solution.

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